“Fall in love with the process and the results will come.” -Eric Thomas

We all have dreams and goals we want to accomplish, but that does not happen overnight. It takes time, hard work, dedication, and consistency. Those words tend to scare a lot of people and that is why most people don’t have what they want in life. Most people want it right now but that’s not how the world works. You don’t lose weight overnight, you don’t get big muscles overnight, you don’t get wealthy overnight, you don’t get the relationships you want overnight. You get what you want in life by having patience and engaging in consistent action. If you do this, you can have, do, and be anything you want.

Over in China, they have this tree called the Chinese Bamboo Tree. It starts off as a very hard seed and after it has been planted, it has to be watered and fertilized every single day. During the first year there is no visible signs of growth. During the second year, there are still no signs. During the third year, no signs. During the fourth year, guess what? Still no signs. The Chinese Bamboo Tree finally breaks through the ground in the fifth year and in just six weeks it grows 80 feet tall! Now, I have a question for you. Did the tree grow 80 feet tall in five years or in six weeks? Of course, five years!

The process of achieving anything worth while in life is much like the growth of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. You will not see visible results after going to the gym for a week but you will see visible results after months of going to the gym. You won’t see a change in your relationships after doing one nice thing for them, but you will see a change after doing many nice things over time. You won’t see growth in your new business right off the bat but you will see it in due time if you’re putting in the work.

In today’s world, instant gratification has become the norm. If we want to talk to somebody, we can text them in an instant. Same day delivery is literally an option when shopping online. These are just two examples. It’s so easy to get our hands on materialistic things but those aren’t going to fulfill us at the end of the day. You must put your sights on the more important things in life like relationships, health, wealth (to help others), and spirituality. These are the things worth having in life and you must work for those.

Don’t look at the journey for those things as work or you’ll be miserable. Fall in love with the process of working toward those things. It makes the trip a whole lot better, trust me. Don’t misunderstand me, keep your eye on the end goal and the reason you’re doing it but love the hustle and the grind. I used to be only results oriented but now I’m results oriented and grind oriented. I love the day to day “work” I do to achieve my dreams like reading, blogging, journaling, listening to speakers, creating, and selling. I remember Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t pay the price for the thing you want, you enjoy the price.” That’s an interesting perspective and I couldn’t agree with it more.

This may be a weird mindset for you to accept. You may feel that things should just come to you easily but that’s an absurd idea. I can’t stress it enough, you must work for what you want in life. No matter what you have to put up with on the road to your goals, decide that you are going to love every minute of it. Even if you face adversity. If video games have taught me anything it’s that if you come across enemies, you’re going in the right direction. Whatever you face, it is what will forge you into the person you need to become in order to achieve the life you want. If you are to love who you are, you must love the experiences that have made you.

So as you continue to work toward your dream, don’t give up just because you aren’t seeing the results you want. Keep showing up, giving it your all, and fall in love with the process. Your future self is going to be a product of the process you’re going through now. It may take five years like the bamboo tree or may come sooner than you think. Just remember to be patient and engage in consistent action.

You are blessed and highly favored!